A Magical December

Is magical and imaginative thinking a crucial part of child development?

“Absolutely” says Joanna Fortune (Director, Solamh Parent-Child Relationship Clinic) who launches the first of her developmental play products to the market this Christmas!

What is the product? Santa's Little Buddy is a unique pack designed to explore magical play. Created for Joanna by Wild Poppy Concepts, it includes a daily journal for the month of December, a Christmas story, a magic poem, a wall chart with stickers and a step by step guide written by Joanna which explains in detail to parents, how to make the most of the pack. "Using imagination enables children to develop on their impulse controls, reasoning skills, patience and the importance of emotional self regulation”, explains Joanna.

“With the help of Santa's Little Buddy, parents can utilise the magic of Christmas to invest in their child’s development of these life skills and at the same time reinforce and encourage good behaviour rather than threatening to report back on bad behaviour".

"Allowing families the opportunity to invest in the nice and not the naughty!”

I have been running parenting courses, classes and talks around the country, for a number of years now. The three most common complaints that parent’s share with me are their anxiety over disruptive and bad behaviour, the stress and worry they feel over not being able to spend more time with their children, especially in the evenings and their ongoing frustration with their children playing machines all the time".

- Joanna Fortune

Santa's Little Buddy is the first of a series of products designed to address these common parenting challenges in a positive way.

Stay tuned for updates.

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